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 About Mighty Lube Systematic Lubrication Inc.

Over thirty years of field engineering and service experience go into each Mighty Lube product, resulting in the most technologically advanced and highest quality products available to the industry. Mighty Lube services customers from many industries, including automotive, surface engineering, material handling, and food processing. Mighty Lube manufactures conveyor chain maintenance equipment for Richard-Wilcox, Jervis B. Webb, Unibilt, Rapid Flex, NKC, Daifuku, Wilkie Brothers, and most other conveyor manufacturers.


Conveyor Monitoring

If eliminating downtime due to conveyor failure is your goal, our Monitoring Systems are essential tools to help you pinpoint maintenance needs and identify problems before they become costly downtime. Our Chain Wear Monitor uses patented technology to provide accurate wear data for each chain link without the need to schedule a service. Our Conveyor Monitoring System adds even more, and includes a full range of critical conveyor information available on your networked computer. This system also has a predictive maintenance feature that helps you plan repair and replacements before they are a downtime emergency.


Conveyor Chain Lubrication

Mighty Lube manufactures conveyor chain lubrication equipment for most types of conveyors, including overhead monorail, enclosed track, power and free, round tube, inverted, cat drive chains, slat, in-floor, and virtually every industrial conveyor design.


Conveyor Brush Cleaners

Mighty Lube’s powered and non-powered Brush Cleaners help eliminate contamination and debris from conveyors, reducing parts rejects and costly refinishing.


Conveyor Lubricants and Greases

Mighty Lube engineers lubricants and greases to meet the unique and demanding conditions of industrial conveyors. The lubricants are designed for use in Mighty Lube lubricators and most other brands.


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