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Patrick A. Brown
Patrick A. Brown

Mighty Lube was founded in 1981 by Patrick A. Brown in Fremont, Michigan.  With his extensive conveyor lubrication knowledge, in 1985 Patrick designed a link counter lubrication unit.  This new system allowed lubricant to be applied based on run cycles and would significantly change the way conveyors were lubricated.  Most lubricators prior to this were simply run by timers or with on/off switches.  This new lubrication system allowed for precise and consistent automatic lubrication of conveyor chain pins and trolley bearings.

In 1987, a programmable digital board was developed.  These advancements allowed for greater control and automation.  Up to this point, all the Mighty Lube lubricators were considered central lubrication systems with a reservoir/pump at the floor level and the lubricator head units mounted on the conveyor line.  This was optimal for most large manufacturing facilities with multiple lines.

Mighty Lube saw a need however to provide an additional option for smaller facilities with only a couple of lines, and therefore in 1989, the self-contained unit was created and patented.  This unit would have a small reservoir and lubrication unit combined and mounted as one unit on the conveyor.

Progressing from the digital board in 1992, Mighty Lube introduced a microprocessor board that could be programmed to precisely control the lubrication cycles as well as lubricant amounts.  This new board offered a versatile design with additional ports for lubrication options.

Along with conveyor lubrication, Mighty Lube has always been the leader in conveyor chain wear monitoring.  In 1996, Mighty Lube obtained a patent for their DOS based monitoring system.  This system used the latest technology to monitor chain wear (10-foot section), air pressure, drive amps, drive hours and chain speed.  These groundbreaking systems were widely used in the automotive industry.

As technology advanced, so did the Mighty Lube monitoring system.  In 2004, Mighty Lube released a Windows-based monitoring system, allowing many advancements.  This updated version included email notifications, lubrication settings, link by link chain wear, average chain wear and chain life projection.  This Windows-based system was installed on individual company networks, allowing for key personnel to have access to the data from their desktops.  Mighty Lube also combined the monitoring system with the lubrication system to create a complete package for our customers.

Most recently, in 2016, we launched our latest addition to the Mighty Lube permanent monitoring system, our Next Generation System.  While this system continued to offer many of the features that were finetuned over the years, it also included several additional options, including dog space monitoring, lubrication cycle monitoring, and expanded chain wear analysis.  We also improved the hardware technology allowing for more precise, accurate readings.  Mighty Lube takes great pride in our monitoring system and will continue to advance, utilizing the latest technology available to provide our customers with the solutions they require.

The family of Mighty Lube monitoring systems would not be complete without mentioning the latest two additions, portable and single line systems.  While both systems have been available for several years, it wasn’t until recently that they were redesigned with the features our customers preferred.  The portable system now provides both link by link and 10-foot data, is lightweight, and battery powered.  It also includes a Windows tablet for ease in downloading the data, as well as customized software.  The single line system is designed for smaller customers with only one or two critical lines.  The system is stationary and provides the chain wear data for a single conveyor when downloaded onto the tablet or connected to a designated computer.

In 2009, Mighty Lube began a joint venture with OPCO Lubrication Systems which expanded the global distribution network.  Mighty Lube was also able to offer an expanded product line to include trolley wheel greasers and powered brush cleaners.  As an added benefit to our customers, the Mighty Lube monitoring system can monitor the OPCO lubrication and greasing equipment as well.

Over the years, Mighty Lube has also developed a complete line of specialty thin film lubricants for many applications.  These lubricants help to extend the life of our customer’s conveyor chains, as well as in many instances clean while lubricating.  Finally, it is important to note that we manufacture a complete line of conveyor brush cleaning options, both standard and custom.

With over thirty-five years of field engineering and service experience, Mighty Lube offers the most technically advanced and highest quality lubrication systems available in the industry.  We are constantly listening to our customers to provide the equipment that meets and exceeds their needs.

Mighty Lube is a leader in conveyor preventative and predictive care. Looking into the future, we will continue to exceed our customer’s expectation, develop innovative products and take pride in the products and services we provide.  Mighty Lube and OPCO are proud to provide American made products, both being handmade and tested in Fremont, Michigan.