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Type ML -65°F~500°F 115°F MoS2,Synthetic Ester Good All-Around General Lubricant.
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Type ML-L -65°F~425°F 125°F Synthetic Esters Similar to TYPE ML, but has no solid film additives. TYPE ML-L uses an ester base, resulting in a much clearer and cleaner lubricant. It works great in applications requiring a lubricant without solid film additives.Click Here for Technical Data Sheet
Type MX -55°F~550°F 230°F MoS2,Synthetic Ester Higher flash point provides a slightly more stable, longer lasting lubricant.Click Here for Technical Data Sheet
Type MX-HT 450°F~1200°F 230°F Colloidal Graphite, Synthetic Ester Similar to MX above, but has a higher operating temperature range.Click Here for Technical Data Sheet
Type CSM-2 450°F~1250°F 240°F Colloidal Graphite, Synthetic Ester Higher Viscosity means slower evaporation allowing penetration at higher temperatures.Click Here for Technical Data Sheet
Type SS3 up to 500 °F 143°F Synthetic MoS2and Esters Formulated for the coating industry.High lubricity with excellent paint and powder compatibility. Water dispersion qualities make it ideal on washes, where moisture is a problem.Click Here for Technical Data Sheet
Type LDM -55°F~550°F 230°F MoS2,Ester Synthetic Specially designed to reduce and remove particles left from other lubricants or oils on the conveyor. Can run through an oven in temperatures up to 550°FClick Here for Technical Data Sheet
Type GL -65°F~575°F 125°F Ester Synthetic Mighty Lube Type GL lubricant is a specially designed “green” thin-film, anti-wear penetrating lubricant. Type GL uses a naturally occurring biodegradable, environmentally friendly and non-toxic penetrating solvent / cleaner, with an attractive citrus aroma.Click Here for Technical Data Sheet
Type CCL -65° F~575°F 130°F Synthetic Ester A specially-designed clean and clear thin-film, anit-wear penetrating lubricant. Type CCL uses a penetrating solvent / cleaner with an attractive light citrus aroma, and it provides a semi-wet lubricant that will break down build up from inferior lubricants or carbons and help clean the conveyor.
Type SYN -55°F~550°F 430°F Pure Synthetic A pure synthetic formulated to withstand the most extreme industrial conveyor applications. TYPE SYN consists of a base fluid that acts as a cleaner, penetrant, and carrier providing a pathway for the other components to reach the wear points. TYPE SYN also has a very high flash point.Click Here for Technical Data Sheet